Understand legislation and policy change

Over a 10 year period policy and legislation change will occur. This change can result in a water allocation plan becoming inconsistent with current relevant legislation and policy.

Of significance is the inconsistency of the Plan with the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 and supporting regulations.

Two key areas where the Plan lacks consistency with the Act are:

  • The Plan does not define one or more consumptive pools for the water resource as required by section 53(1)(c) of the Act.
  • The authorisations to take and use water under the current Plan are ‘bundled’ and referred to as ‘allocations’. Transitional arrangements under the Act have allowed for bundled licences to continue to operate but the Act clearly separates the entitlement to gain access to a share of water available from the consumptive pool (water access entitlement) from a water allocation. A water allocation under the Act is a volume of water not exceeding 12 months.

Consideration will be given to other policy and legislative inconsistencies.

Legislation and policy changes that have happened since the adoption of the Plan provide new opportunities to improve the Plan.

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