Inspiring First Nations education

Year 7 students from Grant High School were provided hands on learning experiences out on Country with the support of Grassroots Grants funding.

Walking the Seasons is a program that was inspired by the region’s First Nations seasonal calendar. The program aims to support the Limestone Coast community to connect with Country and culture across the landscape.

The program has a strong emphasis on ecology and citizen science providing students with the opportunity to identify species and record seasonal changes throughout the year while collecting data that can be used to monitor long term seasonal variations.

Why was the project important?

Walking the Seasons has allowed students to access First Nations perspectives through numerous curriculum areas while being out on Country and being immersed in the landscape around them.

On Country learning empowers First Nations students and promotes interactions between students, community and local First Nations Elders.

How did the Grassroots Grant help?

The grant allowed the opportunity to access experts in the field by covering booking fees. Staff release time was also covered allowing staff running the program the time to prepare and run a quality program. Equipment such as water testing kits, propagation equipment, pitfall traps and black light (UV) traps where also funded to support the program.

Words of advice for future grant applicants.