Revitalising community trail for all to enjoy

Mount Burr Trails group has revitalised one of Mount Burr’s recreational trails the ‘Look out Loop’. With the support of a Limestone Coast Grassroots Grant the group focused on improving biodiversity in the area to provide a safe and enjoyable space for the whole Limestone Coast community to connect with nature.

Images: Rob Gordon, Mount Burr Trails Group

Why was the project important?

Being out in nature supports mental health along with the added benefit of exercise on the trails through walking, running and mountain bike riding.

The Mount Burr Trail group was concerned the trail area was degrading due to the infestation of blackberry and other weeds. The removal of theses weeds and rehabilitation of vegetation found in the area has contributed greatly to the improvement to biodiversity and community access of the trail.

Before: Before Blackberry infestation removed After: After Blackberry infestation removed

Images: Rob Gordon, Mount Burr Trails Group

How did the Grassroots Grant help?

The grant allowed the Mount Burr trails group to access and cover costs of industry professionals to remove blackberry infestation in the area. The removal of the blackberry provided a space where volunteers could create a walking/running trail by re-vegetating the area with native plants.

Words of advice for future grant applicants.