Measuring sandy soil performance

MacKillop Farm Management Group has teamed up with a local Hatherleigh property in the Wattle Range council area and businesses Van Schaik’s Bio Gro and Barenbrug Australia to investigate cost-effective alternate methods for maintaining healthy soils in a grazing system.

Images: Mackillop Farm Management Group

Why was the project important?

Maintaining soil health and productivity is vital to food production in the Limestone Coast, enabling producers to maintain production and supply.

This project aims to educate landholders on the best methods that they might use on farm to improve unproductive soils, resulting in increased land area that can be used for production and/or increased production on previously unproductive land.
MacKillop Farm Management group recognise the importance of healthy soils not only for land managers but for the wider community, as soils support a range of ecological functions including moderating the carbon, water and nutrient cycles, as well as supporting biodiversity.

How did the Grassroots Grant help?

With the support of the Limestone Coast Grassroots Grants the project has been able to run across multiple years.

Words of advice for future grant applicants.