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The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is creating a new Regional Landscape Plan. This five-year strategic plan sets out our vision, our five key priorities for working in the landscape, how we will focus our work and how we will know we've been successful.

We've spent several months working with stakeholders, partner organisations, staff, First Nations' groups, and the board, to produce this draft of the Regional Landscape Plan. See the .pdf plan attached in the sidebar at the right.


The Landscape South Australia Act 2019 requires all Landscape Boards to create a strategic plan that covers five priorities over five years. Our plan is designed to be a simple, accessible document that will clearly set out the Limestone Coast Landscape Board's priorities for action and where it intends to focus its work planning and levy investment. You can read more about how the Regional Landscape Plan will work on https://statewide.landscape.sa.gov.au/.

The regional plan also looks at some of the challenges we face, as a region, from loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and water scarcity. The board is conscious of the risks posed by a changing climate, and is seeking positive, science-based solutions and new opportunities created by working together.

As well as a Regional Landscape Plan, the Limestone Coast Landscape Board will also create an annual Business Plan that provides more detail on the projects in which the board will invest, each year. There will be opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Business Plan in the near future.

This consultation

What's the purpose of this consultation?

We're seeking your views on the plan so far. We've broken it down into its key components - vision, priorities, focus areas and measuring our success. We have a question for you on each section.

Please read through the draft Regional Landscape Plan and then answer the questions below.

When you finish, please ensure you click the 'Submit' button to record your responses.

The results of this consultation will inform the final draft of the plan before it is approved by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board.

Thank you for your contribution to our planning process!