Business Plan 2021/2022

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is pleased to present its draft 2021/22 Business Plan for community consultation. This 12 month plan outlines the LC Landscape Board's work program, aligned to the five priorities in the five-year Regional Landscape Plan.

We've spent several months working with stakeholders, partner organisations, staff, First Nations' groups and the board, to produce this draft of the Business Plan. The business plan describes our income and expenditure for the next financial year and details the projects in which the LC Landscape Board has chosen to invest. Delivery of services on behalf of the Australia Government's National Landcare program is also detailed.

The draft 2021/2022 Limestone Coast Landscape Board Business Plan is available for public consultation from 12 - 30 April 2021.

We now welcome your comments and feedback, via the short survey below to help us fine-tune the details of the plan.

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