The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is pleased to confirm that the Feral Deer Aerial Control Program will again take place in autumn and spring 2022.

Feral deer cause adverse impacts to the environment (impacts on native species), to agriculture (competition for pasture, damage to fences, risk of disease) and to public safety (traffic hazards).

Feral deer are pest animals declared for control under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019. As such, landholders are required to eradicate feral deer from their property at their own expense. This program provides resources and activities that may assist landholders to meet their legislative responsibilities.

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board (LCLB) have allocated Landscape Levy that will be used for aerial control and survey techniques to reduce populations of feral deer across the Limestone Coast region.

The LCLB would like to fund aerial feral deer control on your property, and this is a one-off opportunity for you to:

  • Help out the natural environment in a practical way
  • Fulfil your obligations under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019
  • Achieve a higher level of feral deer control at no up-front cost to you.

Program activities will be similar to those conducted in previous years, with a series of aerial control efforts implemented over private land and Conservation Parks across the Limestone Coast region during autumn and spring this year. Key dates and further information about this year’s program is outlined in the link to the right of this page.

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Agreement

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board will:

1. Pay for an accredited government aerial marksman to shoot feral deer by helicopter over your property during April, September & October 2022.

2. Ensure the highest level of compliance with animal welfare codes of practice.

3. Require you to conduct follow up feral deer control work with ground shooting.

Aidan Laslett – Project Officer, Feral Deer